Learning in the 21st century: Why it’s different, why it matters, and how to help children thrive in a rapidly evolving digital world.

90 min parent presentation, 4 simple strategic themes, 6 follow up online lessons

Learning in the 21st Century



60 Minute Engagement Presentation

  • Learn about society changing technological advances and the effects they will have on your child’s future.
  • Uncover the 4 main strategic ideas that will change the way you and your child focus on school and learning.
  • Explore the key strategy to a successful student.
  • The Strategic Parent Experience™ will provide parents with powerful insights, and strategies to transform student thinking. Parents will have the ability to participate LIVE and actively engage in the conversation.


30 Minutes Q&A and Group Discussion

  • Learn tips and techniques to help with student success and mental wellness
  • Uncover the fact that you as a parent are not alone and reflect on shared challenges and possible outcomes with community discussion
  • Explore parent community breakthroughs, and positive consequences of strategic shifts
  • The Strategic Parent Experience™ 30 minute Q&A will give fathers and mothers an opportunity to ask direct questions and share challenges  with the larger group.


Follow Up Engagement Emails

  • Learn from interviews, research papers, and insights about societal factors that are driving big curriculum changes globally
  • Uncover techniques used in private & public schools around the world to prepare students strategically for success
  • Explore how to leverage digital outsourcing to enhance your child’s progress while lowering mental student stress
  • The follow up Parent Engagement Emails will give parents access to insights, interviews and articles that help to turn strategy into tactics. The emails also drastically increase parent engagement over time.


Curated Collection of Online Resources

  • Learn to use digital technology as a teaching tool
  • Uncover apps and websites that are aligned with your strategic intentions as opposed to just guessing which sites to visit and which apps to get
  • Explore ways to create short intense bonding times for children and busy parents using some of the apps and games
  • The curated collection of online resources will give parents access to apps, websites and articles that help to turn strategy into tactics. The collection is dispersed within lessons and at the end of lessons. 

Dwayne Matthews Headshot

I am Dwayne Matthews and I help people understand big changes in the 21st century and how to help children thrive in a rapidly evolving digital world.

“Where are the textbooks, spelling tests, math sheets and nightly homework?” Missing these can leave you feeling out of touch and very insecure about how to help your child.

After teaching at a top private school, and an inner city school, technology scouting for the Fortune 500 and being the Executive Director of an intelligence firm education patterns emerged.

I have curated interviews, global education reports, expert advice, secrets of private schools and top public schools and now I share them here with you. See Full Bio >

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“I am very pleased to recommend Dwayne Matthews as a speaker. His presentation to our parent community has been an excellent strategic tool to engage the parents in the community and teaching them about what is needed to help their child succeed in the future. Dwayne not only presented to the school in an engaging, honest and very personable way; he provided us with 6 online lessons, which has been an excellent reference tool for parent, teachers and students.”

Barbara Peters, Chairperson, Greensborough Public School Parent Council, Markham, Canada

“Dwayne Matthews not only has invaluable insights into both the educational and business arenas but an amazing ability to convey hidden truths in a clear and engaging manner. One of the best public speakers I’ve encountered, he leaves the audience more knowledgeable than when they arrived and charged to make a difference”

Nicole Carter, CEO, Creative Flame Media

“Dwayne Matthews is a true renaissance thinker, able to pick up quickly on various opportunities that, only when knit together, realize their true value.” 

Tracey Dodenhoff, Director, Center for Research and Innovation, Northeastern University, Boston, USA

Tip: Focus your child on having a growth mindset 


If you are interested in your students having a strategic mental edge, the Strategic Parent Experience is for your school!

If you are interested in your teachers and parents understanding why all the changes are happening. This program is for your school!!

Huge Online Collection As Well As Tips And Techniques That Will Improve Your Child’s Mastery Of School!